Data protection

Information. Gold of the market, invisible, yet invaluable – and the demand for it continues to grow. In the age of progressing economic changes and rapid development of information technologies, it constitutes one of the most desired commodities. It is information that decides whether a company survives and for how long, its nature decides profits, and its safety – the reputation of the company.

Are you sure that your data, such as company client list, calculations or financial predictions for the coming year are well protected from theft? How much you can lose, aside from the computer where all that is stored. We are certain that in many cases it can decide whether your company is even able to continue to exist on the market after an event like data theft.

For this reason, using our experience, we want to protect you and your company from the unenviable consequences of a confidential data leak. Remember that you could lose a laptop, an employee might turn out disloyal and provide information to a competing company, or you could simply fall prey to viruses that help third parties acquire information that is priceless to you and the company.

We know well how to prevent all this and how to effectively secure your company, so that data theft is virtually impossible. We will grant you the ability to block access to information even if you lose a laptop or a telephone storing it. Furthermore, we will pinpoint the thief’s position thanks to geolocation, down to 2 metres. Sounds rather optimistic, doesn’t it?

But that is merely a part of our capabilities in terms of security. Imagine that you have complete knowledge about what is happening with your important company information.

Our extensive experience in information security places us at the lead. Thanks to many satisfied clients who can sleep sound thanks to us, without worrying about information theft or leak in the company, we can with all confidence say that effectiveness is our great advantage and the knowledge we possess will enable us to provide you with information security of the highest standard.