Data loss prevention

Every day, gigabytes of data that shouldn’t fall into third party hands leak from companies. The lack of awareness of the value of the information we store on our computers often has painful consequences, and losses suffered as a result can reach millions of dollars.

In the times of mobile work, where a laptop and a smartphone are essential tools of work and almost become a mobile office in their own right, information protection is one of the most important matters, which many people simply don’t realise.

We want you to feel safe about your company’s business, and your clients’ confidence to remain high. Thanks to the Symantec Data Loss Prevention software, we will provide you with complete information protection and confidentiality. Don’t lose time on wondering if a disloyal employee is sending your client list or financial calculations to competing companies; thanks to our experience, we will provide you with complete protection from such incidents.

Data protection in the event of an attempt to send them via e-mail, copy them to a flash drive, or even fax them is our forte, and effectiveness in eliminating such hazards is confirmed by the numerous clients who have already taken advantage of our services.

Having Symantec Data Loss Prevention software in your company, delivered and managed by our specialists, you will be able to rest safe, without any worries about your enterprise’s crucial data. If the security policy that we create for you is breached, you will be the first to know that such an incident occur, and our software will block such an attempt.

You’re certainly asking yourself now, what is going to happen it a laptop is stolen, or your employee simply loses it – what then? Take it easy, we’re prepared for it better than you think. If you’re afraid of such situations, then the Symantec PGP range is exactly for you, and you’ll find it in the other materials.

Remember, loss of data is loss of money, and business is obviously not about losing it, so get in contact with us and check our offer concerning complete protection of your company.