Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Key features:

Threat detection – Detects confidential data wherever it is located, creates a database of “sensitive” data and automatically manages their removal/storage. Supports a broad range of files, databases and document management platforms.

Monitoring – Enables understanding how confidential data is being used, regardless of whether the user is at work, or at home. Inspects traffic network, such as e-mail, IM applications, WWW browsing, FTP, P2P, generic TCP. Monitors end user activity during file downloading, copying to data carriers, printing, faxing, e-mail sending and transfers through the Internet.

Protection – automatically enforces security policies to proactively protect data and blocks any possibility of them leaking outside the organisation’s structure. Has the ability to protect data by: quarantine, copying or moving to another location, stopping, moving to quarantine or switching network traffic for encryption. It can block endpoint user actions. Management – Define a coherent security policy for the entire organisation. Implement threat solution and reporting procedures, recognising content and data classified as protected in detail.

Key Advantages

Prevents spreading of confidential data in data centres, client systems, remote locations and end user computers. Enables obtaining a clarity of user activities within and outside the company network. Identifies violations of security rules related to protected data transfer.

Prevents confidential data loss within the network and through end user computers. By markedly reducing the data loss risk, Symantec Data Loss Prevention enables companies and organisations to demonstrate compliance with security procedures, protecting their clients’ data and the credibility of the brand or organisation at the same time.

Funcionality Data Loss Prevention Standard Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent
Breadth of coverage (E-mail, Web, USB, IM, print, fax, copy, paste, FTP)
User cancel
Symantec Data Identifiers (keyword & regular expression) detection
Incident logging, notification, blocking
Incident list & reports
Simplifiled incident detail (evidence)
Policy templates
Industry solution packs
Deploy with Network and Storage DLP
Advanced remediation workflow
Incident correlations
Attribute lookups
Embedded agent deployment
Advanced fingerprint detection (IDM/EDM)