Symantec Enterprise Vault

Symantec Enterprise Vault
The Veritas Enterprise Vault software (currently offered by Symantec) is a flexible archiving solution enabling detection of data in e-mails, the file system or group work environments, and can also help reduce the costs of storing information in electronic form and streamline management. Data management utilises and automated and rule-based system of file archiving in direct access mass storage devices, which ensures easy storing and accessing information. The advanced search and detection capabilities of the Enterprise Vault program can be additionally expanded using specialist client applications related to company control, risk management and assurance of compliance with legal requirements. The Enterprise Vault solution responds to the organisation’s needs in terms of:

application-based mass storage system management,
data storage and detection required by regulations,
ensuring the best possible operating efficiency,
knowledge utilisation,
performing updates, migrations and consolidations.

The crucial issue for every organisation is the ability to create and archive and manage it on a day to day basis. The Enterprise Vault software was designed to provide the ability to store archived data safely so that it can be utilised fully and retired from use when it is no longer needed. The repository’s capabilities are as follows:

flexible storage of archived content,
reducing the size of digital information using compression and single instance storage,
data indexing optimised for fast and directed downloading,
securing future file accessibility regardless of the application where the files originate from by creating copies in HTML format based on the archived assets,
utilisation of security mechanisms based on user authentication,
defining and implementing rules of information storage and withdrawal from use.