Symantec NetBackup 7.5

NetBackup 7.5 with V-Ray technology is a unified backup creation and data recovery platform designed for large and small enterprises, also those possessing heterogeneous environments. The latest version of the solution simplifies data management, and reduces mass storage and network traffic utilisation, and thanks to the improved replication feature, the process of failure recovery requires even less time. The deduplication function implemented in the platform operates at many levels – on the client, media server and third party deduplication devices – and enables organisations to markedly reduce their costs. The solution also provides complete virtual machine protection, accelerating backup creation and data restoration in virtual environments.



In order to aid our clients in central management of the data protection environment and provide a single view of all operations, NetBackup 7 introduces the built-in OpsCen report and administration console. The new console standardises monitoring and reporting operations on data in the following Symantec products: NetBackup, NetBackup PureDisk, Backup Exec and Enterprise Vault. Companies can also use the advanced analytical functions and prepare reports on third party products using the OpsCenter Analytics module. Such a combination enables limiting hazards related to failure recovery operations in various localisations and standardise viewing information concerning both backup copies and the archived data.


Selected features:

    • Deduplication executed at every level – faster and more effective backup creation and reduced mass storage and bandwidth utilisation.


    • Quick restoration of application data in virtual and physical environments – files, e-mails or other granular elements from solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory and applications operating for example on Vmware and Hyper-V.
    • Simple and complete virtual machine protection – protection for virtual servers through standardisation and acceleration of data copies for: Hyper-V and Vmware, complemented by smart operation automating policies and load balancing.


  • More effective failure recovery – fast and easy restoration of applications and data at any location and time thanks to integrated replication.
  • Streamlined and quicker search in the entire NetBackup environment.
  • Central management and fast and convenient data restoration for multiple locations using a single OpsCenter web console.
  • Cloud data protection support for data uploaded to remote disk space suppliers.
  • Advanced trend reporting and tracking thanks to OpsCenter Analytics.

And many more.

The NetBackup 7.5 solution is available in three editions so that we are able to support organisations of any size, in the entire scope of their data security assurance needs (see table).