Eset Smart Security

ESET Endpoint Security Suite is complete protection of workstations controlled by Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.

ESET Endpoint Security combines the unmatched antivirus and anti-spyware protection of the ESET Endpoint Antivirus ‘NOD32’ with an effective firewall, anti-spam filter and website access control.

Discover the program’s advanced features:

Take advantage of convenient remote management of program features that enable integration with Active Directory and consequently quick and easy installation and ESET Endpoint Security control in the entire network. And all this from a single ESET Remote Administrator console.

Host-based intrusion prevention system
Content control
Peripheral equipment control

Main benefits for your company:

Comprehensive solution – ESET Endpoint Security effectively combines antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-spam modules, firewall, HIPS and content filter in a single application. The program does not pose a load for system resources and provides top protection from cyber crime tools such as rootkits, phishing and drive-by download attacks.

Effective scanning engine – ESET uses the market-leading proactive scanning technology. This way it protects your company’s data from existing and previously unknown threats, at the same time reducing the risk of false alarms to a minimum.

ESET Live Grid – Scanning optimisation based on so called white lists of “safe” files combined with a file reputation database located in the cloud. ESET Live Grid recognises files on the user’s hard drive and checks their reputation on the manufacturer’s servers.

Content control – this feature enables website access management depending on the category that the given site is assigned to. More than 140 website categories are available to the administrator. The categories are regularly updated to include the most often visited Polish websites. Website filtering policies can be assigned to individual users as well as entire user groups.

Advanced device control – this feature enables the administrator to define device types that can be used at client stations. We can block: portable hard drives, CDs and DVDs, flash drives, USB-based communication devices (including modems), USB printers, devices connected by Firewire or Bluetooth, etc. It is also possible to set up a white list of removable media based on their manufacturer, model or even serial number; access options include complete blocking, read-only and read/write.

Host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) – offers the option to define rules for the system register, processes, applications and files, including monitoring modifications in launch keys, keys enabling changes in system properties, as well as modifications in important files (e.g. host file). Additionally, HIPS enables blocking all of the mentioned modifications.

Modular installation – the administrator can decide to not install certain program components (e.g. firewall, mail client protection). The administrator can decide which components will be installed, and which ones will not, in order not to increase the workstation’s load.

Restoring previous versions of the virus signature database or the Workstation Software module enables the administrator to force (through the ERA console) restore previous signature database/program model versions and stop updates at the managed units for a specific (12, 24, 48 hours) or indefinite time.

Encrypted communications scanning – content of encrypted HTTPS and POP3S protocols and compressed files are thoroughly scanned for threats.

Highest class Customer service – rely on the experience of ESET Technical Support Department engineers who provide professional assistance both in implementing and managing our solutions. If a need to make use of our technical support arises, you can count on the ESET technical support team – free of charge.