Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection

In the age of omnipresent Internet, we are constantly threatened by viruses, dangerous software and network attacks. In the present day, owning and using the best software protecting from network hazards is a necessity.

But do we truly pay attention to that? Most users rely on protection offered by the system firewall and maybe a free antivirus bundled with IT magazines, which often does not receive updates. In small and medium enterprises, data protection often is little better.

Unaware users think: why would my computer in particular be attacked by a virus or a hacker? Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. But this feeling of safety is deceptive.

Company computer users often visit vulnerable websites of uncertain reputation, downloading and installing untested programs. All this poses a tremendous hazard, as most attacks are performed through web browsers. For example, according to a Symantec report: every day about 1 million malware viruses are created, and their attacks have increased by 81% within the last year.


– leak of sensitive company information (passwords, customer lists, financial reports and other valuable and confidential data) – may lead to irreversible losses and destroy the company’s reputation!

– immobilisation of IT infrastructure or system failure (paralysing the company and employees for long hours, leading to obvious financial losses – the question is, HOW large?).

The solution to the problem of possible network solutions to end computers is the Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 program.

What does the Symantec program protect us from?

– protection from viruses, spyware and malware programs, Internet worms, trojans, bots, blocking exploits, “zero hour” threats and “rootkit” tools.

Insight System – the latest protection system – identification of new and unknown threats collected by 175 million systems from more than 200 countries. The Insight System is faster and more accurate detection of new hazards overlooked by other methods. It tracks files roaming the internet, their reputation and sources.

SONAR Technology – detection of destructive programs by monitoring running programs in real time.

Physical and virtual environment support – improvements facilitating virtual infrastructure protection.

A single management console that does not slow down the system. This provides better insight into hazards, saves time and reduces management costs.

The highest speed and efficiency – the program works unnoticed by the user or system. Reduction of scanning operations by up to 70% thanks to including only infected files. File are scanned during the computer’s inactivity.

Protection from attacks through web browsers – scanning for attacks on gaps in browser protections.

Endpoint protection with Apple OS X® and Linux systems as well.
Detects and removes more hazards than other solutions in this class, according to AV-Mark and PassTest tests.

For small enterprises and companies, the SYMANTEC ENDPOINT PROTECTION Small Business Edition 2013 was created, recommended for small numbers of users – up to 100 computers. SYMANTEC cares for them as well, since the targets of attacks are increasingly becoming small and medium enterprises (approximately 1/3 of all attacks).

Thanks to SYMANTEC ENDPOINT PROTECTION Small Business Edition 2013, you will focus on running your business, leaving matters of security and company assets to the Symantec products.

Most interesting features of SEP SBE 2013:

– Protects laptops, desktops, servers.
– Can be installed in the cloud. Protection of endpoints and remote employees is executed from outside the company infrastructure, using a management console located in the cloud. It is also possible to install the program on a server file, in the on-premise version.
– Control and blocking of USB devices
– Very fast and easy installation and configuration
– Quick automatic updates, unnoticeable for the user.
Thanks to SYMANTEC ENDPOINT PROTECTION 12.1 products, as well as

SYMANTEC ENDPOINT PROTECTION Small Business Edition 2013, the IT infrastructure, confidential data and files of you company will be safe like never before.