Symantec Protection Suite

The Symantec Protection Suite creates a safe endpoint and message exchange environment, protected from modern complex hazards and can be quickly restored to operational state in the event of failure. Thanks to the tested Symantec mechanisms of endpoint and message protection and system restoration after failures, the costs of protecting the IT environment can be reduced and hazards present in modern computer infrastructure handled more effectively.

The Symantec Protection Suite is a unique combination of repeatedly awarded technologies of the world leader in data security and protections, which provides complete protection, is easy to manage and enables automatic control over the company’s most important assets. Additionally, it provides effective, thorough protection from spam and viruses in incoming and outgoing e-mails and IM application messages, regulation of confidential information flow – monitoring and controlling confidential information flow occurring through e-mail, IM application messages and endpoints.

Major advantages:

Comprehensive and multilayered protection – from endpoints to gates

Implementing tested technologies – solid protection thanks to software of a leading manufacturer of endpoint security, message protection, data loss prevention and system restoration applications.

Incident management and reporting mechanisms that enable companies to implement rules, analyse events of their violation and take appropriate action.

Regular, automatic updates of spam signatures and reputation scores aid in ensuring effective real time protection against new threats.

Unmatched protection quality confirmed by the unique number of over 40 consecutive VB100 awards since 1999.

Sharing analyses and reports created in real-time, containing data on the use of e-mail and IM applications, and on growth tendencies.

Password authentication before system booting enables data access only for authorised users.
Easy and centralised tasks related to implementation, administration and management options.
Supports multiple administrators on an individual machine.
Key sharing mechanisms enabling safe access to files.

Protects data and prevents its loss, whether caused by failures or by unauthorised access to a workstation or laptop.

Meets the requirements arising out of legal directives and enables full security audit process.

Provides scalable, centralised management options for easier implementation and administration.

Offers boot protection, pre-boo authentication and reporting, Single Sign- On (SSO) to avoid memorising and entering multiple passwords.