Symantec Web Gateway

With the growth of Internet, the scale of mass spreading of web-based attacks has increased as well. Presently it is the main method of destructive actions, since attacks are mainly aimed at gaps in Internet application protections.

Symantec Web Gateway 5.0 expands the possibilities of defence against dangers originating from the Internet. Web Gateway is a component of the “Symantec Protection Center” suite. Web Gateway 5.0 scans incoming and outgoing network traffic in real time. Aside from network traffic analysis mechanisms, this solution also provides multi-layered protection from destructive websites, their contents, downloaded application files and covert conveyance of information to the creators of malicious software.


The new Web Gateway network traffic solution uses the G.I.N. – Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network which, in special databases, gathers information from around the world, helpful in identifying new threats and developing defence methods. The Global Intelligence Network identifies threats before they reach the customers. To track destructive operations, the company utilises 11 Security Response centres and 240 thousand sensors which register over 2 billion events each day. The protections offered by Symantec are something more than just URL filtering, for even seemingly good URLs may be a malware hazard.