IT management

end_manManagement, especially in the IT area, is a very broad and demanding matter, both due to its complexity and the required competences. IT environments (both in terms of network terminals and the server part) are becoming increasingly complex, users have growing expectations in terms of support. An additional expectation is that IT takes over or at least supports resource management in terms of the company’s tangible assets. In order for IT to cope with such tasks, improved tools and greater automation of administrative and inventory tasks become essential, as well as a competent partner capable of selecting and deploying the best technology, and supporting IT departments with their know-how.

Being experts with more than 10 years of experience in the broadly defined IT and resource management, we strive to fully meet the growing needs of organisations and their IT departments. In order to fulfil such a task, we have entered into a cooperation with the best suppliers of management solutions for terminals, user support, server infrastructure or resources, and we constantly expand our skills and knowledge in this area.