Altiris Server Management Suite

The complexity of physical computers and growing popularity of virtual machines increase the problems related to server management. Server administrators manually perform numerous repeating actions related to the IT system. Manual performance of tasks leads to inconsistencies, which in turn lead to downtimes. Most downtimes are the result of unauthorised changes or human errors. Ensuring compliance with company recommendations and correct functioning of servers can be a real challenge for IT specialists. The Symantec Altiris™ Server Management Suite facilitates a significant reduction of costs and server management complexity.

The Server Management Suite provides administrators with an essential solution for managing physical and virtual servers. The suite was designed with streamlining the entire server operation cycle in mind, and provides solutions for server detection, configuration, monitoring and management using a single central console. This shortens downtimes in service availability and extends uninterrupted work.
Main features:
• Server management
• Detection and inventory
• Configuration of physical and virtual servers, blade solutions
• Software and patch management
• Monitoring and warning
• Complete process automation

Altiris Server Management Suite 7.0 is an essential server management tool, enabling management of a greater number of technologies and platforms while increasing efficiency at the same time. The image below presents the primary features of Server Management Suite enabling operation of all servers in the entire environment.