Altiris Client Management Suite

Altiris Client Management Suite
Altiris™ Client Management Suite automates time-consuming, repetitive tasks, which limits the necessary expenditures and costs related to deploying, securing, managing and troubleshooting the client’s systems. This way, the IT department can gain full control over the computer environment. Client Management Suite belongs to the new generation of system management solutions and facilitates adapting the IT environment to the organisation’s goals thanks to simple, self-operating tools for administrators, and a non-standards interface for the decision makers. Client Management Suite provides full insight into the company’s client systems, thanks to which resources, their location and status can be monitored. Flexible report creation tools not only facilitate identifying problems, but also enable taking immediate corrective actions base on the report data.
Main features and benefits:
• Comprehensive detection and inventory of client systems
• Advanced image creation and installation functions
• Smart software and patch management
• Integrated, comprehensive solution
• Complete process automation
• Flexible remote assistance
Client Management Suite contains all components necessary for comprehensive management of the client system operation cycle. Thanks to using a unified management platform, you can easily add solutions expanding client system management capabilities without added infrastructure or complexity. More time for management, less expenditures on configuration thanks to the suite providing centralised management functions and information enabling actions to be taken. Only a single click is needed to manage systems from the report level, All important actions in relation to client devices can be displayed in a single calendar view or as consolidated views and dashboards enabling actions to be taken. This way, you can gain a better insight into system events. Furthermore, the suite’s extensive report generation capabilities provide IT specialists with more report creation options.