Intel vPro

Technologies created with company computers in mind
Intel® Core™ CPUs with vPro technology

The main premise that accompanied the creation of the Intel vPro technology was the intent to provide business clients with a complete technological solution that would enable the users of company computers to focus entirely on the performed tasks, and not on the hardware utilised to perform them.
Business users are not interested in the configuration of the computer they are using, or in the manner in which software must be installed and configured. From their standpoint, what is important is work stability, time of reaction to commands and broadly defined data safety – both that of information stored on the computer’s hard disk, and of that which can be accessed e.g. using the company’s intranet or ERP or CRM systems.

IT department heads are also interested in the ability to perform quick, remote diagnostics, hardware and software failure repairs, remote viruses removal, automatic updates and remote installation and configuration of software, particularly antivirus programs, firewalls and VPNs. Furthermore, reliability of the entire system and long-term, several years of support of the hardware manufacturer are important.

Computers and notebooks bearing the vPro logo guarantee not only high performance, but also high degree of security, reduce the maintenance costs of the company IT infrastructure, improve IT resource management and enable easy, remote diagnostics of company computers.

New capabilities in remote computer administration in the company

Intel Active Management Technology (IAMT) is responsible for the ability to manage computers remotely. It enables remote gathering of information about individual computers and the utilised software, and enables their diagnostics and remote configuration. This way, specialists of the IT department can, at low costs related to the low amount of work required, perform quick inventory, diagnostics and configuration of equipment owned by the company. An important advantage of IAMT is that the machine that a query has been sent to, does not have to have the operating system running, or even be turned on at all to send the necessary information back to the administrator.

Importantly, computers equipped with IAMT modules provide the essential information on emerging problems and occurring errors remotely themselves. This feature saves the time that the IT specialist would have to devote to manually identify the problem.

Intel Active Management Technology, thanks to the implemented remote access functions, also assists in managing the software installed on company computers and is perfect for implementing a coherent company security policy. It enables not only comprehensive updates of antivirus software, but also controlling such matters as whether users have installed applications unaccepted by the IT department or if they turned off the antivirus program.

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