LANDesk Management Suite

LANDesk Management Suite (LDMS) is a software suite of LANDesk Software, one of the Gartner report leaders (April2013), a company developing solutions for:
• IT resource management
• Internal security management
• and IT service management

These solutions are primarily intended to reduce a company’s operating costs, decrease the risk of unauthorised access to data and improve the productiveness of both IT departments and endpoint users.



LDMS mainly supports effective management of IT infrastructure resources, performing its tasks through the following components:
• detection and inventory of all IT resources (workstations, servers and other devices with IP addresses),
• remote installation of operating systems on endpoints, or their migration,
• distribution of normal applications and virtual applications to workstations using an efficient, patented data transfer technology,
• monitoring software licence use on individual endpoints (how many are owned and how many are utilised),
• remote access to computers, even those that are outside the internal network,
• management of power supply of all owned endpoints,
• statistics and reporting mechanisms.

The solution provides significant streamlining and automation of time-consuming IT tasks, offering administrators a convenient, centralised management console constituting a single aggregation point for data on IT infrastructure resources. Additional LANDesk advantages in more effective IT environment management are extensions supporting technologies of computer and computer component manufacturers, such as Intel vPro, ThinkVantage technology (Lenovo) or advanced support for equipment with the HP Professional Innovations technology.