LOG System

logoLOG System is an extensive application fully in Polish, designed for making inventory of software and equipment resources, licence management and software legality audit in companies. It monitors the status of the organisation’s IT resources on-line. The software enables verifying at any moment what equipment or software is installed where. Thanks to appropriate customisation, IT administrators are immediately informed about software or hardware appearing or disappearing from the company network.

The system is based on the following modules:


Network (module) Expansion of basic functionality with capabilities of computer network scanning and database communication with agents installed on a computer.

Audits  (module) Expansion of basic functionality with capabilities of scanning computers to collect information about, for example, installed software, computer components, data files, etc. The module enables performing global analyses, e.g. licence settlement in the company.

Reports (module) Expansion of basic functionality with capabilities of creating any reports from the system data, e.g. computer station sheets, equipment commission sheets, barcode labels and many others.

Remote distribution (module) Expansion of basic functionality with capabilities of remote installation/uninstalling of any software on computer stations using a LOG System agent. Furthermore, the module enables remote configuration of operating system settings.

Monitoring  module) Expansion of basic functionality with capabilities of monitoring the activity of computers, user-run processes (programs), visited websites and opened files.

Automation (module) Expansion of basic functionality with capabilities of setting reminders, alerts and cyclical actions for servers and databases, e.g. warranty has expired, licence is expired, etc.

Scripts (module) Expansion of basic functionality with a script database and editor. Capability to remotely execute CMD commands. Sample scripts (computer user profile archiving, USB port blocking, blocking writing on removable carriers). Script effects result view and full history of executed commands.

QDesk licence of the LOG System component enabling IT process support, i.e. managing problems, maintenance tickets, hardware modifications, internal tasks, etc. (support for ITIL IM, PM, ChM, RM).

Resource inventory

The program’s flexible structure enables collecting information on any type of resources present in your company. Computers, network equipment, software licence and employees are merely examples of resources that LOG System lists. What would an inventory be without quick access to data? The system is equipped with advanced mechanisms that enable you to reach specific information. By just a few clicks, you can find a resource using any field of its description.