Shavlik Patch

The Shavlik® Patch for Microsoft System Center system enables investments made by the company into Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) software to be fully utilised, at the same time limiting threats arising from not installing patches to applications of suppliers other than Microsoft. Without the need for expanding the infrastructure or increasing costs, you can ensure a low level of threat and keep programs up to date.

Reduced threats and increased securing using the SCCM software.
Companies who neglect security hazards in their infrastructure often make it to front pages of newspapers, although not in a context they are glad of. The Shavlik Patch system increases the effectiveness of protections thanks to expanding the patch management capabilities of the SCCM software with third party application patches support.

Currently it is applications that pose the greater hazard to networks, not the operating system. The Shavlik Patch system reduces the hazard created by applications by installing patches to hundreds of programs offered by major suppliers, such as Adobe (Reader), Apple (iTunes), Oracle (Java), Google (Chrome) or Mozilla (Firefox). It is possible to update even the most difficult applications, such as Java or Google Chrome.


Maximising the benefits of investment in Microsoft System Center software
The Shavlik Patch system expands the capabilities of the SCCM software with application patch installation support, but does not require any additional platforms or processes, or expanding the infrastructure. The integrated, intuitive plugin for the SCCM console enables defining and deploying application updates from the SCCM software within existing workflows. The Shavlik Patch system markedly reduces the time elapsed from the patch being publishing to being deployed. With the increasing number of applications added to the environment, an increasing amount of time must be devoted to ensuring that systems remain up to date. The Shavlik Patch software very quickly restores productivity in an IT environment thanks to eliminating the need for manual performance of many actions that are normally required in the SCCM system when defining patches to third party applications, intended for workstations and servers.

The Shavlik Patch system running in the SCCM environment provides flexible tools for reporting
patch compatibility. Combined with the capabilities integral to SCCM, these tools provide detailed
insight into the patch handling process, which facilitates ensuring compatibility.

• Install patches for hundreds of popular applications
• Integrated SCCM 2012 console plugin
• Display available patches
• Select patches to publish or end validity
• Smart patch filtering per various criteria (manufacturer, product, etc.)
• Automatically check for availability and download new patches
• Automatically publish new patches using a smart filter
• Replace outdated patches with new versions
• Automatically detect the Windows Software Update Server (WSUS)
• Manage digital certificates
• Supports patches difficult to install, including Java updates
• Easier service pack handling, e.g. for Apple software
• Localised version support (translations to 11 languages)
• Proxy authentication server support
• Easy and quick installation, including verification of SCCM configuration
• Shavlik Patch