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Accellion provides an enterprise-class solution for safer file sharing, ensuring compliance with company security policy and improving user work efficiency.

Accellion Secure Collaboration accelerates the growth of the business’s efficiency thanks to flexible and safe file sharing capabilities for project teams, creating virtual data repositories for users regardless of their job in the company; anytime and anywhere. By utilising the collaboration capability, business users can easily create work areas, inviting internal or external collaborators to share, synchronise and safely manage files from laptops, desktops and mobile devices.


·        Safe access to files at any time and from any place

·        Safe file sharing in the company

·        Ensured security policy compliance

·        Heightened data security

·        Increased work efficiency

·        Shorter time of reaction to the market’s needs

·        Reduced IT support costs

Internal and external cooperation is crucial in today’s business processes. It facilitates the flow of information, which enables growth, marketing, sales and provision of products and services. Accellion makes it easier for companies to share information safely regardless of organisational restrictions, any time and any place, with ensured data security and company policy compliance.

Designed for companies

The Accellion Secure Collaboration system was designed with the fact in mind that employees within an organisation need to share information not only among themselves, but also with their partners, suppliers and other external collaborators. With such file sharing capabilities, employees can efficiently and securely share information with internal and external partners without the involvement of the company DMZ.

Regardless of whether the company is limited to a single location or has multiple branches around the world, Accellion Secure Collaboration offers the most scalable and fully functional file sharing solution, providing the broadest selection of deployment options, including public and private clouds, and a hybrid solutions holding a FIPS 140-2 certification, so as to balance the costs, security and speed of deployment. It also enables utilising company NFS/EMC Atmos assets in on-premise deployments. Companies can select the deployment option that best suits their requirements today, but have the flexibility to change the option or utilise the possibility of combination at a later date.

Ease of operation

With the aid of Accellion Secure Collaboration, business users utilise an easy and intuitive interface, easily creating and sharing information. Utilising Accellion Secure Collaboration, corporate users can share designs, images, presentations, spreadsheets, financial documents and any files and folders up to 100 GB in an easy, secure and quick manner both with internal and external partners.

Accellion secure work areas

Accellion work areas enable teams to streamline their work and ensure project progress, enabling interested parties to view, comment, update and upload files.

Users can also create hierarchical workgroups with as great embedding as necessary, and manage rights, assigning them to each group member, or as per LDAP groups as Viewers, Uploaders, Contributors and Managers, depending on the required level of rights. Managers can turn on synchronisation, add and remove workgroups, edit workgroup properties, send messages, upload and download files, comment, view earlier versions and set notifications. Contributors can do everything that managers can, except for removing workgroups, editing properties, turning on synchronisation and viewing user activity. Viewers can download files. Uploaders can upload files and download those uploaded by Managers and Contributors. They can not download files uploaded by other Uploaders. All users see the areas they belong to on the All, Management and Favourite lists.



·        Secure work areas for cooperation and file sharing

·        Secure synchronisation

·        File commenting

·        Tracking file versions

·        Notifications for users

·        Four levels of work area rights

·        Access from mobile devices

·        User activity view

·        Customising graphics to the company

·        LDAP integration

·        Multiple language support

On demand, Accellion provides synchronisation of shared corporate files in work areas, which enables users to maintain files up to date with all users, on all devices. Users can flexibly set synchronisation, as well as use selective synchronisation limited to work areas that have synchronisation turned on and are important for them. The system also solves conflicts if the same file is uploaded by two different users. When such a conflict occurs, users can decide whether to upload the existing document, download a new one or abort synchronisation to decide later.

Expired and accidentally deleted work areas and files can be recovered to ensure work continuity. Managers and Contributors can recover expired and deleted work areas and their files on a configurable date determined by administrators.

Administrators have many possibilities of customising Accellion for their organisations. Work areas can exist forever if the administrators set the “Never Expires” option, or for a specific duration with an expiry date. They can clone work areas in order to increase work efficiency. Administrators can set memory limits for work areas. They can decide who has rights to create and manage work areas. The work area owner can assign someone else as a manager of their work area.


Group collaboration is better if the interested parties can voice their opinions about the files stored in the work area. Thanks to the flexible Accellion system, Managers and Contributors can view, add, edit and delete comments to files located in the work area. And since the project team inevitably creates different versions of files, comments are saved for all file versions and listed in a short, expandable versions, so that users always see a clean work area.


Feedback is an important part of every project. Thanks to Accellion notes, managers and contributors of a work area know when other members of the work area add or comment files. Users can opt in to receive notifications from all work areas.

Tracking file versions

Accellion streamlines file management by monitoring each new file version added to the work area. The system displays the latest file version in the work area, at the same time enabling earlier versions to be viewed. A newly added file of the same name as an existing file is automatically considered the latest version. Alternatively, users can select a menu option to add a “new version” of the file even if the file has a different name. Administrators can also set the maximum time for different file versions, during which they are visible, so as not to “litter” the work area user’s interface.


The number of work areas and files uploaded or created during the project can lead to difficulties in finding the right file. With the search function, it is easy to check all or specific work areas to quickly find the file or folder that is needed to continue the conducted projects.

Secure file transfer

Accellion Secure Collaboration also includes the capability of secure file transfer so that users can send files or folders of up to 100 GB to internal and external recipients with full monitoring and reporting of data security and its compatibility. Files are sent as secure links. Aside of file transfer from Accellion Secure Collaboration from a web console and mobile interfaces, Accellion also provides plugins for MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, SharePoint and iManage systems.

Kitedrive™ file synchronisation

Accellion Secure Collaboration has file synchronisation functions using kitedrive that enable business users to synchronise files and access current company content from any location.

Kitedrive synchronisation combines the ease of use similar to synchronisation solutions designed for individual users, and the management capability required by enterprises. All files placed in kitedrive are constantly synchronised to make sure that business users have access to their contents from various devices, online and offline. Files edited when the users are offline are automatically synchronised when the users go online. Kitedrive also enables secure file synchronisation with both internal and external collaborators. Files can be sent to recipients as secure links. Users can also use kitedrive to share embedded work areas with collaborators.

In order to take advantage of kitedrive, users simply install the kitedrive client on their devices to have full and synchronised access to files.

Mobile device security

The Accellion mobile device provides easy and secure viewing and sharing corporate data to smartphones and tablets. Accellion is the only enterprise-grade solution that provides business users with easy and secure access to information from their enterprise using their own mobile device, at the same time providing IT and information security departments control ability to ensure data security and compliance. With the Accellion mobile application for Apple iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices, business users can safely view, download, save, edit, send and share files in any location.