Mobile Device Management

The development of mobile technologies and growing popularity of smartphones and tablets provide today’s enterprises with new, vast opportunities for growth and functioning. They are also no small challenge for IT departments – securing company data against leaks, control of access to the company’s network and resources, possibility of managing varied devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry), with flexible and effective utilisation of mobile devices for everyday work and low workload for Help Desk employees at the same time are the main problems of IT administrators.

The solution are products and add-on packs designed for mobile device management (MDM), enabling:
• Centralised management of mobile devices with different operating systems,
• User and device authentication,
• Safe separation of company and user’s data,
• Protection of company data against leaks or unauthorised access,
• Distribution of company mobile applications in a form convenient for users,
• Removal of company data and lockout of the device in the event of theft,
• Device tracking,
• User self-service in the case of repetitive operations,

And many more.