LetMobile Secure Mobile Email

The LetMobile Secure Mobile Email software fully protects access to corporate e-mail, contacts and calendar using original applications installed on any mobile device. aasdOur innovative technology, based on utilisation of gates, provides all security services, and does not require requisitioning devices and does not hamper their us in any way. Companies of any size are able to allow their employees to access corporate e-mail cheaply from their private smartphones and tablets, at the same time ensuring security and compliance with regulations.


All modern mobile devices are “personal” – even if they belong to the company. Users commute, travel by rail and spend weekends outdoors. Thanks to the LetMobile software, companies gain the benefits of using personal mobile devices for professional purposes while maintaining the highest standard of security and compliance with regulations. Our elegant solution enables specialists from the IT department to secure and control company data without creating obstacles for users.


The safe mobile gate technology constitutes a unique approach to mobile safety, enabling data to be secured against loss or theft, and the corporate network to be protected from unauthorised access. In contrast with traditional approaches, where protections are implemented in devices, users must relinquish control over their devices, and their use for private purposes is obstructed, the Letmobile solution simply secures the data flow. When using the LetMobile application, company data or passwords are never stored on the cellphone or tablet. Access control and data loss protection (DLP) rules enforced in real time decide, who has access to data, what data can be accessed, where it can be accessed, when, etc. Thanks to data being stored outisde the device, the LetMobile application provides superior protection against loss, theft or device sharing, and against malicious attacks.


  • enforces multi-factor authentication;
  • does not allow saving corporate data or certificates on the device;
  • enforces following access control rules implemented in the company, data loss protection (DLP) rules and provides compliance with rules in real time and during every access attempt;
  • provides comprehensive administrative control enabling tracking, control, reporting, reacting to alerts, and access control;
  • enables users to use any mobile devices they select and use their own e-mail, contact and calendar applications.