The largest corporations in the world have chosen MobileIron solutions as the management tools for their mobile IT environment. Available as a highly-scalable solution implemented in the cloud or on local assets, MobileIron solutions have been designed from the start for the purpose of securing and managing mobile applications, documents and devices.

In the “post-PC era”, people work on the move, away from the office. Mobility is the key to full effectiveness – but it also bears a greater risk, and traditional IT strategies do not apply. MobileIron enables employee potential and possibilities created by their mobility to be utilised fully, at the same time providing:

  1. Data protection,
  2. Instant, safe access to applications and documents,
  3. Protection of privacy while maintaining company data control,
  4. Constant and effective support for the evolving environment of mobile devices,
  5. Fast implementation and flexible scaling of the environment.

MobileIron solutions expand the definition of mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) with novel features, helping IT departments overcome the new challenges.

Mobile IT requires new strategies, skills and tools, because it must keep up with needs and the rate of changes matched to the manner of working of every users – and not entire, organised offices, as before.



Tablets and smartphones are rapidly becoming an increasingly important and commonplace communication and IT platform for companies and their employees. MobileIron enables streamlining tasks related to managing and supporting users, and implement the cloud technology – external and private.

MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform – is the first solution combining the full scope of management and cost control features.

The MobileIron management platform is installed in an easy manner, as a virtual or physical machine – you just need to connect it to the network, the solution is ready for work even within a day.


MobileIron solutions help solve the following problems:

  • The need for support and service for many varied devices and OSs.
  • Growing costs of supporting mobile users.
  • Security-related issues.
  • Growing costs of roaming and international calls.
  • Company application management.
  • Control over employee tablets and smartphones.

Systems supported by MobileIron


Ensure the security of mobile devices, both company-owned and private

Mobile Device Security

The MobileIron solution provides companies with orientation what resources are located on a device and how they are utilised, which enables both users and IT employees to better secure the data, controlling costs without putting privacy at risk, even on devices belonging to the employees.

The MobileIron management platform is installed in an easy manner, as a virtual or physical machine – you just need to connect it to the network, the solution is ready for work even within a day.

Possible benefits: 

  • Combines management of both company- and private, user-owned devices in a single, centralised console.
  • Provides mobile devices with safe access to company resources, e.g. e-mail, Wi-Fi and VPN.
  • Enforces following company security rules, ensures compliance with data protection policy.
  • Enables minimising the risk related to theft, loss or withdrawal of the device from the pool, by full or selective data removal.

Application management

One of the unique features of the MobileIron solutions is the approach to managing mobile applications for business users. The integrated App Storefront module provides a both easy and safe method of sharing and providing applications in the entire organisation.

MobileIron’s Enterprise App Storefront has three kmobileiron5ey features: 

  • Mobile application distribution
  • Mobile application safety
  • Application inventorying