Symantec Mobile Management

Symantec™ Mobile Management is a solution enabling companies to fully utilise mobile devices, providing safe, scalable and universal management platform for a broad range of smartphones, such as iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ and Windows® Phone 7 devices.

Key feature scopes:

  1. Availability

Access management – Symantec™ Mobile Management protects the environment from unauthorised access, provides a standardised and automated process for adding new devices. Enables authorisation control based e.g. on user/device groups, minimum OS requirements, LDAP authentication or jailbreak/rooted status.

DYI activation – do-it-yourself activation enables reducing the load of IT departments, providing the user with the ability to perform the device activation process. Features include automated device configuration and agents native to iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Company e-mail – Access to company e-mail is a frequent problem for mobile device users. SMM features include automatic configuration of e-mail clients connecting with e-mail servers, such as MS Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and Lotus Notes.

Company applications  SMM aids in implementing new business models that assume utilisation of company mobile applications. Features enable creating an internal website capable of distributing company and public applications. We gain control over application lifecycle management.

Content sharing and cooperation  SMM enables full utilisation of mobile device capabilities to improve communication and cooperation in the company. You can safely distribute documents, media, etc. in a targeted manner, e.g. for specific groups, users, operating systems or equipment with any attributes you specify. You can manage updates, distribution and withdrawal of documents and materials.

Network access – SMM enables access to company resources network e.g. through Wi-fi or VPN. It supports all protocols and authentication methods, automating configuration settings.

2. Security:

Policy management– SMM ensures compliance with the requirements of a modern company, providing advanced features related to the security of mobile devices and information stored thereon. All security policies, including: passwords, remote data deletion, restriction of access to resources or applications can be implemented and used in a manner targeted at a specific user/device/OS/group. 

Strong authentication – SMM enables expanding the application of identity management regulations to mobile devices. Enables automation of distribution of rights and certificate processing. The solution enables meeting authentication requirements for e-mail, Wi-Fi and VPN. It integrates itself with Symantec MPKI and Microsoft CA.

Secure access to e-mail – SMM enforces security policies related to e-mail on mobile devices. Enables advanced configuration of access rules based on user/device groups, device compatibility or status, or device attributes in Exchange 2010 and F5 environments.

E-mail security applications – SMM enables the use of advanced e-mail security policies using the Nitrodesk TouchDown application. Originally intended for Android, it enables utilisation of authentication, encryption or content copying/pasting restriction policies.

Security policy compliance – SMM enables administrators to only allow access for devices that meet the security criteria. They can be defined depending on the device status (jailbreak, encryption), user status (membership in specific groups), or application status (required/prohibited). The administrator will receive detailed troubleshooting information for every blocked device.

Data separation– SMM reduces both threats related to possible company data leaks, and problems related to privacy protection. SMM enables separation of company and private data. You can remove only company data, without disruption to private data. It identifies company e-mails, applications, documents and any other content.

  1. Management

Central management – SMM enables the IT to manage all mobile devices using a single tool. It is characterised by freely scalable architecture combined with corporate-class management. Supports distributed environments with access rules based on roles in the company.

Integrated management: SMM integrates itself with solutions enabling effective management of all “computer” devices in the company using a single console: PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, and even servers – Symantec Altiris or Microsoft SCCM.

Application management – SMM enables management of all company applications throughout their lifecycles, with full control over them. Application distribution and updates are integrated with Apple Volume Purchase Programs and B2B services.

SMM keeps the mobile environment “clean” through the use of appropriate policies and blacklists. Aside from preventing unauthorised copying of applications, policy capabilities enable blocking and withdrawing blacklisted applications from devices, or keeping them away from the company network.

Views and reports – The solution provides data on the company’s mobile resources in real time, using built-in views, reports and alerts. Clear user, device, application and profile data can be used in reports customised to match specific needs.

Automated actions and processes – SMM increases mobile device management effectiveness by automating administrative and operating tasks. Aside from the set of built-in automatic processes, the console has an intuitive “drag&drop” interface for redefining new ones.