drEryk software

The drEryk software provides:eryk

• automated and complete reporting to the National Health Fund (the program collects the necessary data all month by itself),
• simple NHF report and current visit corrections,
• express printing of, for example, medical leaves on ZUS ZLA forms, prescriptions on clean paper and ready forms, medical referrals and diagnoses, and order completion confirmations,
• statistics creation – medicines, diagnoses, benefits, number of visits, dispanserial groups, vaccinations or declarations (you can export the data to .xls files and create professional charts),
• creating electronic medical documentation, this way the doctor can easily and quickly view the given patient’s visit, nurse care order, disease or declaration history,
• monitoring of patients treated for diabetes or CHUK,
• preventive program register (POCHP, tuberculosis, CHUK),
• control over patient visit frequency statistics (e.g. how frequently, and what age and disease group they belong to),
• low learning curve – the program is very user-friendly,
• frequent and automatic updates – the program is fully compliant with current requirements of the Ministry of Health and the NHF,
• reduction of archiving costs – by digital archiving,
• data security and protection – automatic creation of database backups,
• external file importing (e.g. imaging and analytical test results) to the drEryk database.

Through its functionality, the drEryk program provides medical institutions with:

Staff and patient safety. drEryk software contains a range of messages and automations that display the necessary information about the given patient, e.g. the program remembers what tests must be ran on the patient, warns about allergies, being host to pathogens, risk factors, pregnancy.

Ergonomy and automation that help the staff.

Most actions and information are processed:
from one screen, which – in combination with ready-made and custom visit and recommendation
templates – reduces the time it takes to prepare documentation.

Speed and convenience of writing. Making descriptions and recording visits in drEryk takes only a short time. The program provides constant communication between users, the medical staff swiftly receives the necessary information about the patient’s registration, treatments, recommendations and other actions to be performed, ordered by the physician.

Database and dictionaries. drEryk contains TERYT, ICD-9, ICD-10 code dictionaries, its own, constantly updated medicine database containing 32 thousand items to date, with an option to add your own medicines. Option to create custom medicines.

An extensive security and protection system. drEryk meets the requirements of the Personal Information Act, each user has their own individual password, enabling access to selected data.

NHF reports and statistics, drEryk gathers data all the time, and at the end of the reporting period, creates a summary enabling an NHF report to be prepared easily.
Corrections. drEryk enables making corrections to NHF reports and visits if errors are present in the entered data.

Printouts of medical documentation, such as: ZUS ZLA, prescriptions, various referrals.

Please contact us to be assigned login and password to the program.

A trial version can be downloaded from the website.

Additionally, VELVERO handles all IT matters, saving the time of the doctor, including:
• comprehensive deployment of IT structure management solutions,
• securing IT structures against network threats and accidental data loss,
• blocking access for unauthorised people and protection against important data leaking outside the company,
• virtualisation of the IT environment,
• maintaining a Helpdesk, Servicedesk and remote administration,
• comprehensive computerisation of medical institutions,
• conducting IT training,
• supporting companies and users operating the Anti-Theft technology,
• supplying computer hardware, accessories and software.