B2B platform

The B2B platform offered by Velvero streamlines and reduces costs of transactions concluded between entrepreneurs.

The B2B platform is a solution created for companies who wish to improve the quality of support for their business partners and provide them with tools streamlining commercial cooperation. By sharing selected system functions with authenticated partners, we provide the option for independent conclusion of commercial transactions without time constraints. All program users are benefited. An enterprise where the platform operates can conclude transactions 24/7. Partners using the platform can access the current product range at any time and place orders at their convenience. Direct information flow enables shipment optimisation and stocks management, while shortening the service time enables gaining new clients. Settlement control and ability to reserve goods provide commercial partners with a sense of safety.

The main processes that can be executed by the B2B platform are:
• bidding procedures
• order execution
• maintenance
• supply
• storage
• payments
Our services related to creation of dedicated B2B Platforms are distinguished by:
• individual approach to each projects
• possibility of integration with internal (e.g. ERP) and external systems (e.g. suppliers)
• fully reflected specificity of our Client’s industry and transactions between partners