IT services for companies

Velvero offers a broad range of IT services for enterprises and institutions. Velvero is created by professionals and specialists in IT infrastructure management systems and data protection and security, whose know-how and many years of experience ensure that the highest quality solutions will be customised to the individual needs of every company, enterprise or organisation. Our experience and quality of the offered services are confirmed by references and specialist certificates from leading manufacturers of the IT industry.

Velvero services can be divided into the following areas:
Managed Services –  IT departments are an element of increasingly greater importance for the functioning of today’s enterprises – but their effective operation requires ever greater investments and amount of work. By taking advantage of Velvero services, you have a certainty of reducing operating costs related to It functioning, at the same time increasing the clarity, security and availability of the IT environment. Velvero Managed Services enable your IT specialists to focus on business tasks and development of services – instead of, as earlier, on maintaining the environment and “fighting fires”. Velvero engineers systematically improve their deployment and administrative competences related to modern IT solutions by taking part in training sessions, workshops and seminars held by the largest manufacturers of the IT industry.

We render a comprehensive range of services, e.g. deployments, servicing support and consulting in the following areas:
a) network safety, infrastructure security, information security
b) resource management
c) IT management (Service Desk, OS migrations, patch management, compliance & audits)
d) IT service, IT support and outsourcing
e) Cloud services
f) Supply and installation of computers, servers and mass storage devices at client’s site
g) Creating installation packages for remote software distribution