Web & Cloud Security

Secure Web Gateway (Proxy SA & ASG)

Advanced Secure Gateway is a scalable proxy designed to secure your web communications and accelerate your business applications. The solution’s unique proxy architecture allows it to effectively monitor, control, and secure traffic to ensure a safe web and cloud experience.

Web App Firewall & Reversed proxy

Web-based apps and content are increasingly under attack. Symantec Web Application Firewall & Reverse Proxy, built on the industry-leading ProxySG platform, secures and accelerates web applications. Protect your website from the OWASP Top 10.

Content & Malware Analysis

Symantec Content and Malware Analysis automatically escalates and brokers zero-day threats for dynamic sandboxing and validation before sending content to users. Analyze unknown content from one central location.

Encrypted Traffic Management (SSL Visibility Appliance)

Most cyber threats hide in encrypted communications — up to 70 percent of all traffic. Symantec Proxy and SSL Visibility Appliance decrypt traffic, support infrastructure security to maintain privacy and data integrity.

Cloud Access Security broker (CASB) / Cloud Security Gateway

The Symantec CloudSOC platform enables companies to confidently leverage cloud applications and services while staying safe, secure and compliant. It provides visibility into shadow IT, governance over data in cloud apps, and protection against threats targeting cloud accounts.

Network Forensics & Security Anaytics

Symantec Security Analytics is like a security camera or DVR for your network. It delivers enriched packet capture for full network security visibility, advanced network forensics, anomaly detection, and real-time content inspection for all network traffic.

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